As the financial services industry evolves, you need a law firm that evolves with it. We are a “virtual” law firm, embracing technology and moving forward.


Garris Horn PLLC was founded with a singular aim – completely redesign the financial services law firm to provide the highest levels of personalized service to financial services clients. Our firm started and evolves with technology, seeking to shed such inessentials as expensive real estate, overstaffed offices, undertrained personnel, and ever-increasing law firm rates. As a law firm for the information age, we offer a streamlined, extremely efficient approach. Our offices and attorneys are at your fingertips.

We seek to provide the highest level of service, personalized to our clients. From the outset, we seek to understand your business as completely as possible, from the owners, to senior management, to the front line. By knowing your organization, we can best tailor our services to fit your needs and goals. 

And let’s face it. Financial services regulation is complex. You want to know who is working on your matter. We will not hand your important work over to inexperienced staff. Our focus is on getting you there, personally, effectively, and efficiently.  

We are the next evolution of the financial services law firm. Effective. Efficient. Evolved.

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